Proud Moments

My Favorite Accomplishments:

  • Serving as one of the inaugural members of a loss mitigation team for a subprime mortgage servicer, working to resolve defaulted mortgage loans in an effort to reduce financial exposure for the lender while sparing the borrower’s credit.
  • Managing the implementation of a hosted knowledge management system for a 100+ agent technology call center. The effort included document migration, security model, report development and agent training. It was completed in thirty five days and forty percent under budget, and continues to serve as an enterprise solution five years later.
  • Designing and developing functionality for “exotic” mortgage loan products, including home equity lines of credit and multiple payment option loans, on a mature, robust client-server mortgage loan servicing system.
  • Winning’s January 2008 “You Get It” (http://www NULL.jibberjobber Award.
  • Being cited in “Cover Letters for Dummies, Third Edition” (http://www NULL.dummies NULL.productCd-0470402210,navId-322438,descCd-description NULL.html) by nationally-syndicated columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy (http://www NULL.sunfeatures NULL.html).

Each of these efforts involved different skill sets:

  • Evaluating the needs of the customer against those of the business.
  • Cross-organizational remote resource management.
  • Project management.
  • Customer counseling and relationship management.
  • Training development and presentation.
  • Requirements analysis.
  • User interface design and evaluation.
  • Understanding business operation and learning the right questions to ask.
  • Clearly defining objectives with supporting analysis and metrics.
  • Translating vague and nebulous constructs into actionable plans and objectives.

And best of all, I make outstanding creme brulee!

Some Buzz About The Systems I’ve Worked With:

The new Microsoft Select Plus Volume Licensing program offers larger companies with multiple business units flexibility in purchasing, streamlined license management, and reduced time and potential costs of renegotiating licensing agreements.

The flexible licensing program enables customers to automatically realize price advantages for volume purchasing across the entire company at corporate and affiliate locations. It can also track both the contract and ordering processes under a single customer ID, making it easier to manage software licenses throughout an organization. Informed by customer research, the new program helps Microsoft Corp. improve the way it brings products and services to market and supports its ongoing relationships with customers.

Select Plus provides customers with additional options for purchasing and represents a fundamental shift in how customers and partners can manage the acquisition of software licenses. Through a unique set of customer benefits and features, Select Plus can simplify purchasing with a single agreement under the Master Business Agreement while eliminating variances based on purchase timing.

Microsoft (http://www NULL.mspx), July 1, 2008

After revamping workflow procedures, WaMu turned to systems it uses to decide who got loans and for how much. What emerged was the Enterprise Decision Engine, which consolidated six systems that calculate credit scores, risk, and appropriate lines of credit onto one digital platform. Now decisions are made more quickly and consistently because all rely on the same underlying credit risk data. Small-business lending decisions that once involved two weeks of paper shuffling are completed in 16 seconds. “Whenever you have multiple systems across product lines, you can present inconsistencies to the customer,” says (Deb) Horvath (WaMu’s Chief Information Officer). “It’s really important to us that we simplify everything so we understand the single relationship we have with the customer and present ourselves in a very consistent, reliable, simple fashion to them.”

Information Week (http://www NULL.informationweek NULL.jhtml?articleID=201805881&pgno=2&queryText=), September 18, 2007

Interlinq’s approach is to develop support features without jumping the gun by investing resources before a new product has been embraced by the marketplace. Already, ILS supports products such as option ARMs, interest-first loans and home equity lines that have been widely embraced by lenders. Because of the widespread popularity of home equity lines, Interlinq is adding additional functionality to enhance its servicing capacity in this area. Construction lending features are also in development, as are features that will facilitate the reporting of credit bureau information for non-mortgage loans serviced using the ILS.

Mortgage Technology (http://www, January-February 2006